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NEW Designer literature stand

Introducing a Magazine Stand to your business is a great and simple way to tidy up your waiting area, reception or entrance. The neat and organised stand will boost visibility of your company literature and encourage visitors to pick up a brochure, magazine or newspaper.

What is the stand made of?

The stand and base is manufactured from heavy duty steel.

What size is the stand?

The overall size of the stand is 38.5cm W x 1.25H x 38.5cm D

How many tiers does the product have?

Their are six tiers on the stand all measuring the same size. The tiered design ensures that all of your brochures are visible.

To veiw the range simply click here

 Weatherproof notice boards

With the snow coming its important to make sure that your information is dry and clear. The Zenith range of exterior notice boards can withstand even the most severe conditions.

The range is available for wall, post or fence mounting and comes in a wide choice of size and colour options.

You can view the full range by visiting 

Or you can call the sales office on 07542 199850

notice boards plus sale

we have recently updated our sale offering to include some of our ever popular exterior notice boards, the notice boards offer a superb weatherproof solution for the display and presentation of your information.

details of the exterior notice board sale along with other great notice board products can be found by linking to our listing request form


Shield designer glass cases

A stylish range of display cases manufactured to the highest standard. Heavy duty yet contemporary aluminium framing, and toughened safety glass are used to create this range of wall and free standing showcases. Six tower units are available in a range of sizes, two with locking cupboards to the base. Wall mounted cabinets are available in a choice of two popular sizes

New direct debit payment option

We have just added Direct Debit as a payment option for purchases through our site.

Traditional considered a safe and secure method for making regular payment, direct debit is now a superb and 100% safe way to make ONE OFF payments.

When you order products through our site and select direct debit as a payment option you will be sent an email form and all you have to do add your name and bank details, add the amount you want to pay and select ONE OFF payment

It is as easy as that

School fun range

We have just added a fantastic range of play ground equipment.

Our new school fun range of playground equipment offers a colourful a safe environment for school playgrounds and public areas. The colourful range includes seating and benches, litter bins, picnic tables, planter, bicycle racks, fencing, bollards and noticeboards. They are all available in a range of vibrant colours and fun characters.

Virtual catalogue launch

Our new 98 page virtual catalogue has now been added to our web site.

The catalogue display our full range in one location and is a simple to use tool to help you find the product to suit your requirements. Pages simply flip over when required just as you would when viewing a normal catalogue. 

You can zoom in to see detailed information on each product.

A full retail price list is also available for use in conjunction with the catalogue and as a noticeboardsplus customer you will receive a 30% discount from these prices 

To view the virtual catalogue simply click here

New Metro multi bank notice boards:

The new range of metro multi bank notice boards offer a superb solution for the presentation of your information.

Deluxe coloured frame noticeboard with separated pinnable areas that can be specified with individual colours. Ideal for dividing notices for departments, functions, events and school forms. Choice of five frame colours, complimented with a wide range of noticeboard colours. Loop nylon surface accepts Velcro® as well as pins. Made in the UK.

To view the full range simply

click here

Reduced pricing on exterior notice boards:

Notice boards are pleased to announce a reduction in prices across their vision and zentih ranges of exterior notice boards.

Due to increased turnover and improved stock facilities prices across the exterior notice boards will be reduced from 1st January 2014.

The popularity of these boards continue to grow and this seems to show no sign of slowing.

To view the full range of exterior notice boards simply

click here

We look forward to hearing from you

New bamboo literature display:

Noticeboards plus have recently introduced their new designer bamboo literature display

This ecological design is constructed from 100% natural moso bamboo. These wall mounted units allow for the display of multiple of 3, 4 or 9 x A4 literature. Dividers are also included for any pocket to be converted from A4 to 2 x 1/3A4. Mount either unit side by side for larger displays. Each compartment holds 45mm thickness of literature. Also available is a 4 compartment floor stand to match.

The bamboo range is held in stock for 2-3 day delivery

Exterior notice boards

noticeboards plus have announced the launch of their exterior notice board sale, they are offering great savings across the popular zenith external notice board range. This offers s great opportunity for customers to add high quality notice boards for use within their organisations.

A varied collection of customers are already benefiting from the outdoor notice board range including schools, churches, parish councils, local authorities, central government, charities, housing associations and blue chip companies.

The notice boards are lockable and have a vandal resistant polycarbonate door. Security locks make sure that any information displayed is safe from tampering

To request a full listing of the exterior notice boards on offer simply follow this


Notice boards are a useful tool in a wide range of settings, from schools and universities to hospitals and retail outlets, and there are a wide range of notice boards available for a variety of different budgets.

Here at noticeboardsplus, we have a huge range of notice boards for all sorts of uses, and to make buying notice boards in bulk an affordable option for our customers,.Our range of notice boards really is unrivalled, and our comprehensive collection includes standard framed notice boards, notice boards especially designed to be fitted to exterior walls, and lockable notice boards which can help to keep notices and leaflets in place and safe from would be vandals.

As well as framed notice boards, we also have a range of unframed notice boards, and these are particularly popular with schools, as the borders can instead be adorned with drawings done by pupils or other options.

For our eco conscious notice boards buyers, our collection of eco friendly notice boards is ideal. This range of notice boards has been created with the planet in mind and all notice boards in the collection are made from hardwood which has been sustainably sourced.

The notice boards are made from either oak, beech or mahogany, and buyers can choose between blue and grey notice board fabric.

Many people coming to us for notice boards opt for one of our super safe lockable notice boards, which are particularly useful in doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and schools, where there might be problems with people tearing down leaflets or other notice board additions.

These lockable notice boards also reduce the chance of paper curling and looking scruffy, so could be a great buy for businesses who want to make sure their information is displayed in a professional manner.

Whatever kind of notice boards you need for the entrance hall of your company premises, the reception area of your school or the front of your retail outlet, we have the right notice boards option for you.

Get in touch with us today and check out our notice boards selection. 


Notice boards have to be eye catching and attractive if they are to generate prospective customer interest. At we specialise in first rate, affordable notice boards for schools.

Anyone who has ever given a presentation understands that in order to hold your audience’s attention effective visuals can make the difference between a presentation that stands up and falls flat, boring your audience and not getting your points across clearly and concisely. This is where notice boards can help. They can break up large amounts of dialogue and add visual aids to illustrate key points.

noticeboardsplus has the UKs largest selection of notice boards. Our huge selection ranges from standard frame to lockable notice boards and even exterior notice boards too. We are also able to supply a whole host of additional presentation products for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our range of standard notice boards can be used effectively in a wide variety of environments. From schools and universities to religious organisations, places of business and charities these boards are highly useful for a number of organisational and visual purposes. All of the standard options that we supply have been specially selected for their durability and quality of design and manufacture. These products also adhere to all relevant fire safety standards and are highly cost-effective.

In addition to our standard notice boards noticeboardsplus supplies a number of standard lockable Metro notice boards. Ideal for privacy these products are available in either landscape or portrait, and a range of different sizes to suit your individual purpose. The aluminium frame is curved on the top and bottom sections for safety and the contemporary corner caps give the unit an appearance of quality. The door of these notice boards is fully secured by two key locks neatly concealed in the aluminium frame and uses three millimetre thick acrylic PET fire rated to BS476 Class to maintain security and durability.

For more information on the range of notice boards that we’re able to supply, including full prices, technical specifications and examples of the appearance the come and visit us online at: boards are useful in a wide variety of settings and can help ensure that important information for staff at a company, visitors to a firm’s offices or pupils at a school or college is given to them in a convenient location.

Notice boards can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes and the best aspect of using them is the option to display a wide range of information at any time and also the ease of which things posted can be changed.

Unlike sending lengthy information emails to employees in a workplace or giving students at a school or university flyers of information which may be lost or thrown away, notice boards give space for a variety of information to be displayed at the same time, making them a one stop shop for pupils or staff.

Here at noticeboardsplus, we offer a wide variety of notice boards for a number of different sectors, and we have worked with a range of operations including schools, churches, councils and other settings.

From simple notice boards which hang on wall and are covered in notices held with pins, to lockable notice boards with large capacity and mobile notice boards, we have a huge range of notice boards to suit the needs of any client.

Lockable notice boards which can be folded in and secured are ideal for protecting sensitive company information and our range of tamperproof notice boards may be particularly useful for schools or hospitals.

In the modern world of business, many firms choose to visit trade exhibitions and events to spread the word about their company, and for these clients, portable notice boards which are great. At noticeboardsplus, we offer a range of notice boards ideal for this, including folding panel notice boards and modular notice boards.

Our most popular notice boards are certainly the standard aluminium framed notice boards, which continue to be a top choice due to their versatility in a variety of settings and low price. Notice boards in this range retail from as little as £11.99, making them a cost effective and convenient buy.

These felt notice boards are available in a range of colours, with classic black and light grey both popular options with buyers.

Notice boards come in many varieties


Notice boards have a while range of uses both outside of the home and office, as well as inside. The materials that are used, and the methods of attaching a notice the board, have now reached into many applications.

External Notice Boards

For many years notice boards have been used to give information to members of the public over such matters as the minutes of the Local Council, or to promote Church Services and special events such as fayres. These were traditionally constructed of wood, and the notices were pinned to them having first been covered in plastic to protect them from the weather. On occasions the notice board may be rather like a slim cupboard with glass doors so that the notices were better protected. Today these notice boards are made of aluminium and Perspex and will long outlast the wooden ones that deteriorate over time.

Schools and nurseries

There was a time when the corridors of schools were lined with wooden boards faced with felt, on which were pinned the daily notices and the school sports teams. Now this are long gone and have been replaced by plastic boards to which magnetic holders can append notices. These boards can be written on with highlight pens and thus the sections under which notices are pinned can be changed as frequently as necessary.

These types of boards can also be free standing and supported by an easel so that messages can be displayed as necessary in prominent places.

In nursery schools these boards can be used to give picture image messages to young children. They are both instructional as well as educational.

Rotational notice boards

These are boards that can either be turned by hand or electronically, maybe by remote control, and can be used to give a series of messages in such circumstances as crowd control at pop festivals etc. Quite often there is a need to transmit a number of messages in quick succession and these boards will be effective in doing so. The messages can even be displayed in electronic lettering.

Notice boards come in many shapes and sizes and are now available for all situations.