Printed whiteboards

We offer a wide range of pre printed notice boards providing useful tools when presenting information. Boards include tactical sports boards, modular printed board


Tactical sports boards

New range of drywipe sports boards printed with the pitch layout of popular sports including Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket and Netball. The 1200 x 900mm whiteboards accept magnets and are supplied with pen tray and wall fixings. A wide range of accessories are available for marking up the boards, including a convenient pack of 20 coloured magnetic disks (click on "More details" below. Made in the UK.

Quotation for tactical sports notice board

Hand held tactical sports boards

New range of A3 sized drywipe sports boards

Handy for demonstrating tactics on the sideline. Pitches and courts are illustrated for the UK’s most popular team sports: Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball and Netball. Sturdy but lightweight A3 size boards have easy clean drywipe surface. Sold as singles or packs of 10.


Printed modular whiteboards

Printed whiteboards that mount flush side by side.

A new range of printed whiteboards edged with 2mm low profile white edging. This frameless design enables the boards to be mounted side by side, almost seamlessly. The non magnetic ultra smooth boards are 1200mm x 1200mm and supplied with wall fixings. Available lined, gridded, handwriting lines, music staves or plain. Made in the UK.


Timeminder in-out boards

Simple In-Out and message board for 20 people

This simple printed drywipe board will show your staff’s whereabouts and also has space for messages. 600 x 450mm blue edged drywipe board. Simple through the board fixings supplied with discreet white cover caps.


Timeminder dry wipe and magnetic perpetual planners

Undated planners that can be used time and time again

Useful range of printed whiteboard planners, 600(H)x900mm(W), available in 5 variants to suit your needs, each in a choice of 2 whiteboard styles.

Aluminium framed
Drywipe coated steel version to accept magnets. Supplied with through the corner fixings and pen tray. 

Blue edged frameless design
Drywipe laminate non-magnetic surface for use with drywipe pens. This sleek modern design is supplied with through the board fixings, white caps conceal fixing.

Available in a choice of blue edge (dry wipe) or aluminium frame (dry wipe/magnetic):