Junior whiteboards & easels

Laptop whiteboards allow children to follow lessons and tuition to be more personal.



Laptop whiteboards (Pack of 6)

Double sided whiteboards that have Guideline gridded surface one side and plain on the reverse. Smooth radiused corners for safety. Conveniently supplied in packs of six A4 and A3 boards.

Coloured frame laptop whiteboards

Brightly coloured magnetic whiteboards (Pack of 10)

Double sided A4 drywipe whiteboards that have the benefit of also accepting magnets. The chunky multi-coloured ergonomic frame with rounded corner caps makes the board comfortable and safe to use.

Magnetic mobile presenter

Scratch resistant Vitreous Enamelled Steel (V.E.S.) dry-wipe surfaces (single sided)

• V.E.S. dry-wipe surfaces will always clean back to their original condition even when the incorrect markers have been used

• Magnetic V.E.S. board surface - 50mm feint lined LS2L

• Lined markings are indelible and guaranteed never to erase

• Board surfaces and markings guaranteed for 25 years

Colour choice








Magnetic desk top presenters

Scratch resistant Vitreous Enamelled Steel (V.E.S.) dry-wipe surfaces

• Magnetic V.E.S. board surfaces: - 50mm feint lined LS5L

• Lined markings are indelible. Guaranteed never to erase

• Board surfaces and markings guaranteed for 25 years

Colour choice








Big book desk stand

Tabletop easel with big book rest

This sturdy yet lightweight easel has a full width ledge and is at the perfect angle for displaying Big Books in class. The landscape board is 600mm x 810mm with a pen tray/ledge running the full width of the board. The hinged rear support ensures the board cannot tilt over for safe classroom use. Aluminium frame with a drywipe surface or a dry wipe surface that also accepts magnets.

Product designed to be used in a supervised environment

Junior desk multi - coloured easel

A compact tabletop easel

A practical easel that can be used by children or staff on classroom tables for drawing, presenting or writing. Supplied with holder for hanging paper or pads; folds for compact storage. There is a  brightly coloured trim. Surface accepts magnets.

Product designed to be used in a supervised environment


Junior storage easel

Handy mobile easel with storage tray.

Free standing whiteboard easel with steel storage tray to base. Easy to move when angled onto two wheeled legs. The drywipe or mag whiteboard measures 900 x 600mm and is ideal for use with big books due to full width pen tray and angled board. mag whiteboard surface accepts magnets

Product designed to be used in a supervised environment


Tactical sports boards

New range of drywipe sports boards printed with the pitch layout of popular sports including Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket and Netball. The 1200 x 900mm whiteboards accept magnets and are supplied with pen tray and wall fixings. A wide range of accessories are available for marking up the boards, including a convenient pack of 20 coloured magnetic disks (click on "More details" below. Made in the UK.

Hand held tactical sports boards

New range of A3 sized drywipe sports boards

Handy for demonstrating tactics on the sideline. Pitches and courts are illustrated for the UK’s most popular team sports: Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball and Netball. Sturdy but lightweight A3 size boards have easy clean drywipe surface. Sold as singles or packs of 10.


Workboard Bat

• Lightweight, soft and safe.
• High quality glossy drywipe surface in assorted colours.
• Double sided – one side plain, the other plain or printed with Lines or Gridded.
• Ideal for a range of classroom exercises.
• Sold in packs of 30.
• Assortment of 5 colours: Purple, Green, Pink, Light Blue and Dark Blue

High pressure laminate

Single sided
• Available in white and 5 vibrant colours
• Bespoke sizes available
• Surface guaranteed for 6 years
• White board complies with BSEN:14434 standard

Mini Bean bags

• Colourfast Polyester
• Available in 10 colours
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• Tough and easy to clean
• Incredible back support
• Fire retardant fabric

Softplay building block (set)

Ideal for creches, nurseries and schools.
• The items store on a trolley with castors.
• Trolley will wheel through any standard door.
• Kit contains 19 assorted shapes.
• The shapes can be made into a house, car or many other structures.

Softplay slide and steps

Ideal for any nursery corner.
• Slide size: W 600mm x D 1200mm x H 600mm.
• Steps size: 600mm square x H 600mm